German Shepherd Escapes From Animal Shelter In Search Of Homeless Owner

German Shepherd Sneaks Out Of Animal Shelter To Look For Her Homeless Owner – Dog Dispatch

Ginger, a 2-year-old German shepherd, managed to escape from the Apple Valley Animal Shelter via three doors. Because her owner was homeless, and he wanted her to have a better life, this bright girl was surrendered to the shelter. She appears to have missed him a lot.
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Ginger is a two-year-old German shepherd who has already managed to get away! The dog was seen breaking out of the Apple Valley Animal Shelter on camera.

In order to get out of the shelter, she had to go past three closed doors. She made a hasty getaway after knocking papers over in the lobby.

Unfortunately, Ginger was in the shelter because her previous owner was also homeless and didn’t want her to continue living in her car.

Ginger appeared to have left the shelter in search of her owner, since she was discovered three days after her escape, just a few houses down from her old residence.

The Apple Valley Animal Shelter has received dozens of inquiries from people wishing to adopt Ginger since she hit the headlines. Despite her depressing arrival in the shelter, it appears that this fugitive has finally gotten a break!

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