A Small Depressed Pitbull Puppy At Shelter Finds Happiness After Being Adopted By The Firefighter Who Saved Her

‘Chunkie’ is an entirely different dog today than she was in October, despite being happy and healthy. After being found by Sacramento firemen on their route to a call, the 3-month-old Pitbull was saved.
She’d been left out in the rain, tethered to a tree, with mange. They were horrified by what they saw and couldn’t consider abandoning her in such a state. As a result, Mike Thawley and his crew returned her to the station.

When they returned, she was bathed and kept warm, and the fire team determined that the best thing for Chunkie would be to transport her to a shelter where she could be properly cared for and rehoused.

Despite the fact that she was in the finest of hands at the shelter, Thawley couldn’t stop thinking about Chunkie, and the next day he paid her a visit.

It was clear the two of them, had grown fond of each other though.

Thawley fell in love with Chunkie as well, and they decided to take him home with them. Chunkie finished her mange treatment and was ready to return home with the Thawley after a four-month wait.

The family happily welcomed the new addition to their family and Chunkie is more loved than ever. We wish them all well!

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