Man Sees Dog About To Die In Hot Car, Smashes Window And Jumps In To Save Him

The dog’s owner did not arrive for over 30 minutes, despite an emergency announcement over the supermarket loudspeaker. The man refused to stand by and watch the dog die, so he did something about it.

In any case, putting dogs in a heated car is equivalent to trapping them in a hot oven on purpose.

Every year, we read about a slew of tragedies involving pets suffering from heat stroke or dying in hot cars.

Several owners, however, remain blissfully unaware of the problem, cruelly tormenting their helpless pups by leaving them in warm cars.

A pair of tourists at the Tesco Supermarket in Swansea, Wales, were obliged to take urgent action after enduring a dog’s terrifying situation in a sweltering car for almost an hour.

The disturbed dog was first brought to the attention of grocery management by worried customers. Despite a loudspeaker announcement, the owner took more than 30 minutes to arrive.

He heroically shattered the car window and dashed inside to save the suffocating puppy.

As he lifted the heavily disoriented dog out of the truck, another woman got in to offer him water.

The following several minutes were crucial, as shoppers ushered the panting dog into the shade and provided him with water.

By the time the cops arrived, the dog was in much better shape. They ultimately found the owner and “advice” them on the dangers of leaving a dog in a hot car.

While no word on whether the dog’s owner would face legal action, the community has praised the shoppers who helped the dog without fear of retaliation.

We hope that this incident serves as a warning to people who leave their dogs in overheated cars.

See the video below to see how a couple of shoppers banded together to save a dog who was choking in a hot car


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