Neighbors Build Doggy Door In Fence So Their Dogs Can Hang Out Whenever They Want

Neighbors Build Doggy Door In Fence So Their Dogs Can Hang Out Whenever They Want – News

When two individuals have so much love for each other, they may need to add a new member to their family to absorb the excess love. Hailee Graham and her husband were in this situation. They added a new member to their family in the form of a cute dog with four legs and a wet nose.
Before the couple found her, Potate, or Tate, was a stray puppy living on the streets. Tate’s luck hadn’t been on her side in the early years of her existence, but when the Grahams adopted him, things began to change. Tate became aware of a presence just outside their fences just as she was settling in with her new family.

That presence turned out to be the next door neighbor’s dog, Vernon. Although there was a tall fence between them, the two dogs knew that just beyond that border a friendship awaited both of them.

Vernon and Tate became frustrated with the mystery and excitement of meeting the dog on the other side of the fence and began constructing a tunnel beneath it. Their owners tried to persuade them to quit, but the two dogs were adamant.

Hailee came up with the idea of scheduling a playdate for the two dogs as a means to save her fence and keep her favorite canine happy. But, in a stroke of inspiration, she had a better idea: a doggy door.

Hailee had her father create a doggy door in their fence so the two dogs could play whenever they wanted without digging a hole or involving their owners.

Hailee believes that because the doggie door worked out so well for them, it would encourage others to be more open and nice with their neighbors.

Tate couldn’t be happier or more pleased than she is now, with a loving family and a best friend she can visit whenever she wants.

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