Man Leaves Car Door Open At Gas Station, Stray Dog Sneaks In The Car And Asks To Be Adopted

Sometimes you just have to take a chance and hope for the best, and this puppy did precisely that. When the stray dog was hanging out at a gas station, she saw one of the cars’ doors was open. The puppy then made a split-second decision that would forever change her life: she walked over to a parked automobile and jumped inside. She sat down on the seat and made herself at home once inside.
A man called Bill Shaver reached the car a few moments later, astonished to discover that he’d picked up a furry little hitchhiker unintentionally.
Shaver had stopped at the gas station for a quick pit stop and had not expected anything to happen in the time it took him to use the restroom and get back to his car.

But, as Shaver found out, you never know what life has in store for you.

The stray pup instantly won Shaver’s heart and he was flooded with feelings of pity and compassion.

The tiny pup was pitifully skinny, and it was evident that he didn’t want to leave the safety of the car.

Shaver chose to aid the pup because she appeared to be alone in the world based on her state.

Shaver texted his wife, requesting permission to take the puppy home with him.

His wife instantly consented, which came as no surprise to Shaver; the couple has made it a habit to rescue animals in need throughout the years.
The stray was reluctant to leave the car when Shaver returned home with the puppy.
To make things easy for her, Shaver gently scooped her up and carried her to the backyard in his arms.
River was named by Shaver and his wife, and they were overjoyed to have her join their family.
The parents already had three other rescue pups, so the first step was to make sure River was comfortable with her new siblings.

They didn’t want River to be afraid or feel unsafe, so they introduced her to her new family members slowly and made sure she was at ease with them.
They brought River into the home and started giving her a bath after they were convinced she didn’t feel threatened.
The poor girl was covered in dirt and blood and coated in ticks, but after a clean bath, she looked much better and was ready for a wonderful lunch and a good night’s sleep.
River had significant cuts on her neck and was unhealthyly skinny, so Shaver took her to the vet for a check-up once she had had a chance to rest and acclimate.
River was diagnosed with tapeworms and heartworms, and the vet prescribed medication to help her get back in shape.

River only needed to adjust to her new lifestyle after that.
And the young child rapidly adjusted to her new surroundings and family.
River boldly investigated her new home on her first morning there, and though she was nervous at first, it was evident that the young girl would be OK.
She had complete faith in Shaver and his wife, and she reached out to them for love and comfort whenever she needed it.
River is now prospering.
She enjoys playing with her puppy siblings and is grateful to her mother and father for rescuing her and giving her a new life.

Every day, she comes out of her shell a little more, and it’s clear that she has a bright and happy future ahead of her filled with love and comfort.

River truly chose the right door to step through!

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