Golden Retriever ‘Plays’ The Wind Chimes And Sings Along With Them

Golden Retriever ‘Plays’ The Wind Chimes And Sings Along With Them – News

Bleu is a lovely 4-year-old golden retriever with an unusual talent: he enjoys singing. After her mother, Ana Brown, put a set of wind chimes in the garden, the musical girl found her interest for the arts as a little puppy. Bleu was only 4 months old at the time, and she was completely enthralled when she heard the soothing melody of the chimes.
Bleu heard their unusual music after accidently head-butting the low-hanging chimes and wanted to join in.
Brown was taken aback when she saw her dog singing along with the chimes, but the best was yet to come.
Bleu began singing and playing with the chimes on a daily basis. She would smack the chimes with her head and then sing along as best she could.
Brown was impressed by Bleu’s enthusiasm and decided to post her musical performances on Facebook, prompting Bleu to leave the company.

Bleu’s endearing devotion wowed the crowds, and before Brown knew it, thousands of people had gathered to hear Blue sing and play with the chimes.
Brow is astounded by the outpouring of affection and attention that Bleu has received on the internet.
Bleu was only four months old when she found her passion for music.
Her enthusiasm is as intense as ever, even at the age of four.
She simply adores singing along to the lovely sound of the chimes.

And Bleu doesn’t need any help from the wind…
…because she plays the chimes herself by nudging them with her head.
She’s such a clever and multi-talented little girl.

Bleu’s mommy is of course very proud of her.

And she loves to hear her play and sing each day.
Bleu’s music has touched millions of hearts…

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