Police Officers Return To Patrol Car And Find An Abandoned Dog Waiting Inside For Help

When four Brazilian police officers returned to their patrol car after completing a routine traffic operation, they were surprised to find a dog in the driver’s seat.

Officers attempted to entice the dog out of the vehicle, but he refused. The little puppy started crying and became agitated. He moaned and pleaded for assistance.

“He wept a lot. “[He] appeared to have been abandoned on the side of the roadway,” wrote Santa Catarin’s Polcia Militar Rodoviária.
It was evident that the dog was looking for aid and knew exactly where to look. He got inside the police car and waited for the officers to return.

The police were so moved by the dog’s cries for aid that they decided to bring him back to the station and try to find him a home. The dog wagged his tail and joyfully took the cops’ soft pats on the way to the station.

Thankfully, Corporal Maurcio chose to adopt the tiny puppy and named him Rex after hearing the terrible story.

“[He] chose to adopt him, which brought joy to his children,” officials stated. “His name is Rex!” says the narrator.
The police department was delighted to publish the rescue tale on their Facebook page, where it quickly went viral and received numerous compliments.

The dog was thrilled to have a new home and great owners.

“Congratulations on everyone’s attitude,” one supporter said, “to the two cops who had a decent heart to remove him from the highway and to the other cop “Maurcio” for adopting Rex.”

We are relieved to learn that Rex is now a happy and healthy dog who is well-loved and cared for by his owners. Thank you to everyone who helped save him.

Watch as Rex begs for help in the video below:

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