Distressed Puppy Abandoned On Road Gets Rescued And Makes Miraculous Recovery At Chimp Sanctuary

Distressed Puppy Abandoned On Road Gets Rescued And Makes Miraculous Recovery At Chimp Sanctuary

Jenny Desmond, an animal enthusiast, is no stranger to rescuing creatures in distress. So when she came across a dying puppy on the side of the road, she felt she had to act quickly to save the tiny animal.

Jenny came upon the poor puppy while driving through a remote Liberian village. The puppy was so sick that he didn’t think he’d make it through the next few days. Jenny quickly took the puppy home and gave him to her veterinary husband, Jimmy.

They gave him the name Snafu and started treating him. Jenny decided to take Snafu to the chimpanzee sanctuary she and her husband operate once he was strong enough.

Jenny and Jimmy save wild chimps from being sold as exotic pets. They also contribute to the conservation of Liberia’s only remaining wild chimps in their natural habitat.

The puppy was taken in by the chimps at the refuge, who adored him. They smothered him with kisses and cuddles. Snafu adored the chimps and enjoyed playing with them as well. Snafu developed into a strong and healthy dog after several months of treatment.

Snafu was adored by Jenny and Jimmy, but they couldn’t give him the attention he deserved. As a result, they made the decision to locate him a new home. Jenny’s sister in Colorado thankfully adopted Snafu and provided him with a wonderful home. Snafu adored her new mother and enjoyed spending time with her nieces.

Watch the video to see how wonderful Snafu looks all grown up.

Jenny is an amazing woman who has accomplished so much in her life! Despite her commitment to preserving chimps, she will step in to assist any animal in distress.

If you want to learn more about Jenny’s extraordinary work rescuing animals in Liberia and help her with her lifesaving work, please visit Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue.

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