Homeless Dog Shows Up at Sandwich Shop Every Day to Get Her Free Meal

Every night, a stray puppy has been a regular visitor at a sandwich business in New Mexico.

The dog frequents this Subway establishment because she knows there is always someone prepared to give her a free lunch. Subway Sally was given the moniker because she was a cute tramp who never skipped a meal.

Sally at the front door

Sally stepped up by the front entrance and got her chicken-topped sandwich, according to a video recorded by Tiktok user Kxnuko. Clean water and gentle words were also given to her by the staff.
Despite being a stray, Sally is a well-behaved dog. She merely comes for the dinner and then departs without wandering about begging for a bed. Sally will go to Taco Bell across the street if the staff is too late to serve her. She also doesn’t appear to be a stray dog, prompting a number of people to speculate that she only comes out for treats.

Sally is a stray dog

This Kxnuko then followed up with a video showing how Sally was taken care of by the community. Her shiny hair is thanks to a lady who works at a nearby flower shop. Sally’s life on the street, however, is observed by Kxnuko.
Sally had been sheltered in the past, but she always managed to find a way out. In his response, Kxnuko claimed that he doubted the dog has a place to sleep at night.
However, since Sally has become a member of the community, the staff and his coworkers have committed to assist her for as long as she requires it.
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