A cute video of a group of homeless dogs scavenging leftovers from a butcher shop is warming the hearts of animal lovers. A pile of rough fowl bones sits outside on the pathway in a cardboard box in the footage. Individually, the dogs will most likely approach the container and try to snag a bone.
What’s fascinating to see is how accommodating each dog is, as they happily carry one piece away with them. What appears to be an elderly Golden Retriever takes a slow approach to the case and then retrieves a bone before departing. When he gets close, one of the dogs appears hesitant and hunches. Another waggles his tail, as though he can’t believe his good fortune. The video seems to have first displayed via online media directs in March of 2021 and is credited to TikTokker @ugursa_. The TikTok video has since vanished yet it has sprung up on Facebook and reddit. Numerous watchers commented at how respectful the road canines are.

Strays, according to one redditor from Puerto Rico, are extremely intelligent and converse with a wide range of people. Most wanders are human timid/deferential, and figure out how to avoid running into houses, to regard arbitrary property, according to his experience.

He noticed the butcher separating chicken carcasses. Those things are the top choice of a canine. Bones are absolutely adored by dogs (chicken bones specifically). A chicken’s body contains enough bone to last two days. This single corpse is almost a two-day feast for most of these dogs, so they’re extremely ecstatic!”

Some people were concerned about giving dogs bones, but others quickly pointed out that cooked bones are more dangerous to dogs since they can splinter and cause internal injury, but the ones set out by the good Samaritan are raw. Others speculated that the video was shot in Turkey. The video is from Turkey, according to one redditor, who identified the brand on the cardboard box as belonging to a Turkish company.

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