Boy Cries Tears Of Joy After Being Reunited With His Lost Dog

Dogs are our best buddies and play an important role in our daily lives. It’s no surprise that we have a close relationship with them and consider them family! As a result, grieving over the loss of a cherished canine may be an emotionally draining process for most dog owners.

Many owners are fortunate enough to be reunited with their long-lost canines they believed they’d never see again. In this post, we’ll show you a touching reunion between a boy and his long-lost dog. To read the entire article, scroll down! Don’t forget to bring your tissues!

Jamie Bandy and her family were devastated when their beloved dog Bruiser died. He went missing while attempting to catch a rabbit. The bereaved family looked for Bruiser for months, but he never returned. They also communicated with Polk County Animal Control on a regular basis, but Bruiser was nowhere to be seen. They began to lose hope, believing that they would never see him again.
However, two months after the disappearance, a miracle occurred. Jaime received a call from Highlands County Animal Control, who informed her that Bruiser had been taken care of. They said that Bruiser had been picked up and taken to Animal Services.

When the family received the excellent news, the tears of despair transformed to tears of delight. Jamie planned an unique reunion for her son Tyler as a surprise. And, of course, she didn’t forget to take a photo of the amazing occasion.
Tyler was overtaken with emotion when he met his long-lost dog. When he met his dearest friend again, he sobbed with delight! He even got down on his knees to greet his buddy as he returned home.
When Bruiser was reunited with his family and pal, he couldn’t disguise his joy. Tyler’s tears were licked away by him as he wagged his tail!

You can watch the touching reunion in the video below:

‘Here is a nice surprise to send you into the weekend crying some happy tears,’ Highlands Country Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

There is nothing more wonderful than animal owners reuniting with their pets. If you agree with us, please tell your friends and family about this story!

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