People passing by notice a dog in a nativity scene and realize she’s not alone.

According to the legend, many people attended that O Holy Night. a baby, their parents, a star, an angel, shepherds, wise men, oxen, donkeys, and other animals

The presence of dogs at the Nativity is up for debate.
However, there was a dog at the nativity scene in Palenque, Mexico. Puppies, too!

An unconventional expansion was found in the Nativity scene set under a tent in the town’s principal square.

A stray dog, like Mary and Joseph, thought it would be a cozy and secure place to give birth.
One of the first people to notice the stray dog snuggled up in some straw was local journalist Eric Guzmán, who had a keen eye for a story.

Guzmán noticed the stray dog’s company when he got a closer look.

The stray dog not only lived with Baby Jesus and was surrounded by the Nativity’s holy figures, but she also had children of her own.
It would appear that the beige-colored dog had a litter of three black puppies, two of which were a mixture of black and beige and the other two were mostly beige with hints of black

Palenque residents flocked to the sight to witness the spectacle after Guzmán began sharing his discovery with the world.

Even water and food for the mother and her puppies were brought by some.
The new family is permitted to remain in the manager for the time being by local officials.

Animal advocacy group Dejando Huellitas S.O.S. Palenque has stepped in to find the dogs new homes.

The pups will find new forever homes once they reach puberty.
The story of the Nativity dog and her puppies ended up going viral, and it was shared with a number of media  in the United States.

Guzmán expressed his hope that through telling the tale, people may become more aware of the condition of dogs in Mexico.
Guzmán expressed his hope that as a society, people would adopt stray dogs rather than purchase pets. Dogs should be loved regardless of where they come from.
The mama dog has found a temporary home, according to a Dejando Huellitas S.O.S. Palenque report.

Also, her puppies are “in a proper space.”
The Facebook post stated, “Thanks to everyone who has cared about her, it is apparent that we are more of the good people.

Several others offered to provide the family with food, blankets, and other supplies. There were a lot of positive thoughts for the family as well.

Watch this family enjoying their Christmas Nativity scene in the video down below.

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