Dog Mom Eventually Finds Her Forever Family After More Than 400 Days In The Shelter

Dog Mom Eventually Finds Her Forever Family After More Than 400 Days In The  Shelter

Every dog is an excellent dog. They are entitled to a loving family who sincerely loves and cares for them. However, not everyone is that fortunate. Some have been waiting for months in the shelter, while others have been abandoned or harmed by their previous owners. Some couldn’t wait for someone to come to their aid. When you read these stories, it stings.

In today’s story, Lola, a stray canine and young mother of six, is a lucky one. She has experienced hardship and trauma in the past (having been abandoned and living on the “wild” street), but she has now been given a second opportunity at happiness. In Mesa, Arizona, the dog finds her forever home.

Image credits: Arizona Humane Society
Image credits: Arizona Humane Society

Lola is a two-year-old girl. She spent more than 400 days at a shelter with her six children. In September of this year, she and her six puppies were brought to the Humane Society of Wickenburg.

The young doggo mother continued to raise her children in the shelter, and she was overjoyed to see each of them find a new home one by one. She waited patiently for her time.

The personnel at the shelter, on the other hand, had no idea the dog would have to wait so long to be adopted. “Lola was transferred to the Arizona Humane Society through the Project Reachout Program after 400+ days and more than half her life at HSW in the hopes that a change of scenery would help her finally find her forever home,” said Kelsey Dickerson of the Humane Society.

Lola spent more than 400 days in the shelter, far longer than most other canines. She used to be a kind dog and a caring mother (as she always).

They transported Lola to another shelter in Phoenix, Arizona, through the Arizona Humane Society’s (AHS) Project Reachout Program, to give her a better chance of finding a new home. The program’s goal is to preserve pets’ lives by collaborating with other shelters, and it has already assisted over 870 animals in finding new homes.

Lola’s smiles returned as a result of the program. In less than 24 hours, she was adopted.

Currently, the dog is living with her new family in Mesa, Arizona. Like her six puppers, the young mother also gets adopted. Hope that she enjoys living there and we’re looking forward to hearing more interesting news from her.

“Lola is a gentle, kind, and joyful puppy who quickly adores everyone she meets. This sweet lady is young, enthusiastic, and playful, and she enjoys romping around with other pups who are just as spirited as she is, as well as cuddling with her favorite humans whenever she has the chance! Despite her playful nature, Lola is a natural with children and is as smart as she is adorable!” Kelsey agreed to share.

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