On his way to school, a young boy rescues six puppies from a trash bag

A Boy Hears A Strange Noise Coming From The Trash And What He Finds Leaves Him Running To Mom

It makes me thrilled to watch young children accomplishing excellent things! Jonathan Flatt, 13, was walking to the school bus stop in Albuquerque when he heard an unusual sound coming from the field across the street. He went to investigate and discovered something shocking. Six pups were packed into a trash bag!

Jonathan told KRQE News, “I knew these puppies were abandoned, they’re frail and whatnot, so I phoned my mom right away.”

The tiny puppies had chewed their way through the bag, but they were hungry, tick-infested, and far too young to be separated from their mother.

“It took a few days for them to start to trust us,” Jamie Flatt explained, “but then they understood they’re not going to hurt me, this is who’s going to feed me, this is who’s going to look after me.”

The Flatt family took in the litter, and Jonathan’s efforts ensured that the dogs he rescued found loving homes. Two of them have already done so.

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