Woman Saves 20 Special Needs Dogs From Eliminate List, Says Her Mission Is Not Over

Woman Saves 20 Special Needs Dogs From Eliminate List, Says Her Mission Is Not Over

Shelter pups wait for an adopter to come along and offer them a permanent loving home. While this dream comes quickly for a few canines, it may not happen at all for others.

Paula Peek, a sick small girl, went to see her great-grandmother, a tremendous animal lover and supporter.

Growing up at home, Paula was inspired by her grandmother’s dedication to caring for and providing for all types of animals, and she or he committed her life to assisting and protecting animals in need.

After a few years, Paula had grown up and was looking for a new home when she came across a dog with special needs at a shelter.

The dog’s name was Weeble, and he was on his way to being euthanized. The poor dog had spinal bifida, which limited his mobility.

When all of Webble’s pals found their happy homes, he had no adoption offers, so the shelter intended to put him down. But Paula, knowing how much her grandmother loved animals, couldn’t let this dog suffer, and she rescued him at the eleventh hour.

It took a month of medical attention and adequate care for Weeble to feel better and begin playing and running like a normal dog.

Weeble taught Paula that special needs dogs can also live a happy and full life if people give them a chance, and once she realized that, there was nothing stopping her.

In Waverly, Alabama, her ranch became a home for poor animals with special needs.

Her family was named Waverly Puphouse,there are now 20 dogs with special needs and she or he states she wont stop,and is willing to welcome more of those dogs.

Paula introduces us to all of her dogs; some have been mistreated, some are sick and disabled, but they all receive love and care from their loving human mother.
Paula gets up early in the morning and ensures that all of the dogs’ needs are met before heading to work.

People like Paula are rare to seek out ,they are true diamonds during a world filled with fake jewelry,if you’d wish to help her and people poor dogs,donate to her GoFundMe page.

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