Dog Gets His First Real Meal After Being Chained And Neglected For 7 Years

According to, a sad, neglected dog named Odie has been chained up and forgotten by his owner for seven years.

His skeletal body reflected the terrible tale of his starvation. However, thanks to Sidewalk Specials, the dog’s reluctant owner was able to be dealt with and the dog was taken in! He devoured up the kibble they gave him, which was most likely his first proper meal in years.

Odie was flown back to Cape Town and Vet Point for treatment, where he was diagnosed with tick bites, sinusitis, and nine decaying teeth. Who in their right mind would want a pet with so many problems? That’s who: a family with a lot of dogs, horses, and chickens!

Odie is now living the life he was always meant to live alongside many new friends and a loving family. He has the perfect forever home thanks to Sidewalk Specials and all of their supporters!

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