After years away, a wild horse enjoys a heartwarming reunion with its true mate.

The ability to bring all living things back together, even after a long separation, makes love unquestionably the most powerful force on Earth. It appears that animals can form lifetime friendships as well as humans. A recent sweet reunion of two wild horses warmed people’s hearts everywhere!

Thanks to a horse sanctuary that specializes in the rescue of wild horses, the touching moment was made possible. Everything started to come together after seeing a spectacular picture. The photo, which was first posted by the American Wild Horse Campaign, captures the gorgeous mustang Phoenix leaping off a catch pen. The animal returned to take care of his lifelong companion Ghost, who was still imprisoned inside, after he was finally set free.

Clare Staples, CEO of Skydog Sanctuary, claims that wild horses have strong familial ties and typically pick partners for life. Clare was inspired by that picture and was determined to save Phoenix and reunite him with his girlfriend. However, it wasn’t a simple task!

Clare writes, “We tried to adopt the complete family but were denied.” However, they informed us that Phoenix and his female companion will eventually be returned to the wild, which we welcomed. Clare noted Ghost was absent each time she visited Phoenix, though. She consequently assumed she was adopted.

Clare heard that the horses would no longer be put back into the wild a year after she first learned about the Phoenix scenario. She immediately submitted an application for Phoenix adoption. I did it because I wanted to grant him the freedom that day of his capture that he so dearly sought. She eventually succeeded, but after witnessing Phoenix’s devastation and sense of incompleteness, Clare vowed to reconnect him with his girlfriend.

Clare said to The Dodo, “I always looked for his mare and never saw her.” He ran out when we opened the trail door. I always had the impression that he was experiencing some sort of loss.

She completed it more than two years later! She claimed: “To my surprise, over two years after the roundup, I saw Ghost on the Internet Adoption and quickly placed a bid to reunite her with Phoenix. The reunion of the two wild horses after a year apart is a sight to witness. Look at this:


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