Stray dog walks over 100 miles to return to elderly couple who had shown her kindness

In the year 2015, this story took place in the Argentine city of Rivadavia.
A homeless pregnant dog was discovered on the street by an elderly couple.
She was starving and plainly ill.

The pair, moved by the animal’s plight, proceeded to look after her, and when it came time for her to give birth, they assisted her, as well as her newborn puppies.
Kind individuals provided them a new home after the pups had grown up a little and could be weaned from their mother.
Despite the fact that the couple grew connected to Negrita – the dog’s name – they were unable to take her to them since they believed they would be unable to care for her owing to their age.

Then they found a new owner for her — an old acquaintance from Jáchal, a neighboring city – and personally delivered the ward to him.

Everything was fine until Negrita’s new owner contacted two weeks later to say the dog had ran away from home.
He looked for her everywhere, but her trail seemed to have gone cold.

Negrita did not return after days and weeks passed.

When Negrita appeared on the doorstep of that elderly couple who had aided her in difficult times, the owner had already given up hope of finding a pet.
It turns out that she had been seeking for them all along!
From Jáchal to Rivadavia, the dog went 161 kilometers.
Negrita had lost a lot of weight and was covered in filth and sores as a result of the long trek.

Back at home, the dog drank a whole pail of water before sleeping for the next 24 hours.

The astonished couple called their friend and told him that Negrita had returned.

The man offered to come and pick her up, but this time the couple decided not to part with the dog – after all, how can you betray such loyalty!

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