When a frightened stray kitten spots a guy walking his dog, it decides to accompany him home

Scared stray kitten sees man walking dog and decides to follow them home

In general, stray cats are among the most fearful animals on the planet! It’s nearly hard to catch a cat that doesn’t want to be caught without a cunning trap. They are agile, have razor-sharp claws, and are fiercely self-reliant.

Despite the “cat caricature” that exists for strays, many still yearn for human love and affection (or any other creature). When such a cat exists, we frequently see it on porches searching for food and head scratches!

You don’t adopt the cat when this happens; the cat adopts you!

Adopting a cat was not on one man’s to-do list. One stray cat that happened to follow him home one day had a different plan. You have no say in whether or not a cat decides to adopt you!

Jon Jienaber was out walking his dog a few years back.

Jon chance to spot a little stray kitten strolling around the block while on his daily walk. He sighed, knowing that they couldn’t do anything for the cat because they weren’t close enough. The poor little guy was nothing more than a blip on his to-do list.

Something strange happened soon, however.

He turned around to continue his trek and saw another small kitty! Isn’t this the same kitten? It dawned on him that he had made a mistake. He was being followed home by the small stray! He was being followed by a kitten!

He called his wife and asked her to prepare food.
Leslie, Jon’s wife, was frantically searching for cat food to entice the kitty closer. They didn’t want to turn around and scare the small cat away, leaving them unable to aid him when they finally arrived at the house.

When they arrived, the cat exhibited no signs of the concerns they had anticipated!

This clever cat wasn’t just looking for someone to play with; it was also looking for a new family! Leslie was able to grasp the tiny cat, which she described as “so small it could easily fit in her palm.”

The pair lives in Cleveland, Ohio, where there are a lot of stray cats.
While there are many strat cats out there, none of them have ever followed them home like this one has! Leslie was able to get some video of Jon when he first arrived with the cat in tow. Their basset hound seemed to enjoy the company of the small kitten!

What else could the family do after such a sweet turn of events?

The small kitten was, of course, adopted by Jon and Leslie. There’s not much else you can do after something so adorable as allowing yourself to be “adopted” by the cat who has picked you as their new family. They probably won’t have to worry about their dog getting along with the kitten because the kitten followed them home!

Check out the video below!

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