Horse Saved After Falling Down 100-Foot Embankment

A 100-foot fall may have resulted in death when a horse named Denver and his owner were riding on a well-known equestrian route in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Fortunately, everyone was able to go away by trotting or walking.

Denver, a five-year-old, was walking when something startled him, causing him to trip and slide down a steep hill. Before the horse could crush his rider, Dixie, he was able to leap off, but she was left to watch helplessly as he continued to slide down.

But Dixie immediately followed him so he wouldn’t be left alone. She remained by his side for two hours as she yelled, hoping that one of the other riders would hear her cries — until someone did!

At the wooded area, the Lake Oswego Fire Department showed there. Oregon Live reports that by that time, “Hunt Club members and other horse owners had already cleared a safe path for Denver to walk back up to the trail.” (The Lake Oswego Hunt is an equestrian group that offers open-to-the-public programs.)

Watch some footage of the rescue below:


The challenging part was making sure there were no tripping hazards, according to the story’s author, Lake Oswego Fire Assistant Chief David Morris. The Hunt Club personnel arrived promptly away and was well-prepared.

Denver was “a little shaken,” but otherwise unharmed when they were able to pull him to safety. Denver and Dixie were able to have a happy ending because of everyone’s cooperation.


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