After being abandoned on a country road, a puppy finds a hero in an unsuspecting cyclist.

Puppy Finds A Hero In An Unsuspecting Cyclist After Being Abandoned On A Country Road

When you go on a bike ride, it’s sometimes simply that: a bike ride. You get home with nothing except an empty water bottle, a pair of severely chafed legs, and a vow to never do anything like that again. writes

We’ve all been there, believe it or not.

But every now and again, you go for a bike ride and come back with a little more. As if it were a puppy or something.

That’s exactly what happened to this rider when he stumbled upon an abandoned dog in a box along the road.

He couldn’t leave this exceptionally nice dog behind after just a few moments with it, so he tucked it beneath his shirt and began the long journey back home. Here’s the complete footage of their fatal meeting:

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