Golden retriever’s hilarious struggle after kitten stole his dog bed

It is common knowledge that cats and dogs do not get along well. It’s the kind of rivalry that has existed for ages and won’t go away anytime soon. Therefore, despite the fact that dogs are among the gentlest breeds, we can all imagine how a dog would react when he saw his cozy bed occupied by a tiny spoiled cat.

This lovely Golden Retriever has lately gone through that kind of event. In a video that has since gone viral, Bailey rushes to his enormous, fluffy bed only to discover that a cute little intruder has taken over his peaceful retreat. Even if the battle is genuine, the poor dog initially tries to use his diplomacy, just like everyone else in his situation.

Even though he moves around his bed and barks loudly, the tiny thing that just took over his personal space doesn’t seem to be bothered by his painfully adorable reaction. Bailey, a dog who is always kind, tries everything he can to keep his bed quiet again. He even tries to pull the bed at one point by biting the edge and starting to pull it, but even this doesn’t seem to be enough to bother the tiny kitten who is so content in it.

Naturally, Bailey has had enough, and he makes his final move. He uses his size to his advantage and simply lies on the bed without even thinking about the harmless intruder. The cat finally gives up and lets her big friend have some space.

Adorably, the ‘fight’ ends with the two sharing the bed just like two very best companions. You can watch this lovely footage, bellow:

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