Starving Stray Dog With A Broken Leg Leads Rescuers To Adorable Surprise

Starving Stray Dog With A Broken Leg Leads Rescuers To Adorable Surprise

It was evident the dog was underweight, emaciated, and had a problem with her front limb when Lianne Powell discovered the injured greyhound at a market in Vera, Spain.

Lianne brought the dog to Clinivet Turre Clinica Veterinaria to see Dr. Ellen Sobry. However, as Ellen examined the dog, she discovered that it was lactating, which was an obvious sign that the dog had just given birth.
After providing her with initial care and stabilizing her fractured limb, Ellen stated on Facebook that she returned the animal to the location where it was found because she had puppies somewhere (or someone had taken them away, as it sometimes occurs here).

So they made the decision to wait and see if the mother would guide them to the pups. They returned with her to the marketplace and let her direct the way. She walked them more than a mile (3 km) to a run-down, abandoned house despite having a fractured leg.

“We elected to watch what she would do so we followed her for more than 3 kilometres,” Ellen recounted, “ending up someplace in the Campo in Vera, into an abandoned house and there in that car, we made a major Discovery!”

The moment the dog led the two people to an abandoned car that was surrounded by shrubbery was seen on camera. When Lianne opened the car door, the dog leaped into the front seat, and when she turned to look in the rear, she saw puppies!

The puppies were cuddled in the back seat, one one above the other. Mama stayed quietly and allowed Lianne to see her puppies while she praised, “Good girl.” Ellen wrote, “10 little life waiting for their mother.”

They carefully placed the puppies into a bucket and brought the family back to Ellen’s clinic. The mama has been named Vera, after where she was found.

Vera and her pups are in now safe hands! As Ellen wrote, “A new adventure…ended very well!”

They will recuperate together, and this doggy family will undoubtedly have a better future because of Lianne and Ellen. Tell your family and friends about this inspiring rescue!

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