The dog who was brought into the police station as a lost pet is certain that he is now employed there.

Lost Dog Who Was Brought Into The Police Station Is Sure That He Now Works There

If you can’t defeat them, join them.

It appears that when the dog was just brought in by Wisconsin authorities, it was its come what may motto.

Tate the dog was found lost and stumbling around the streets of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. A Good Samaritan decided to call the police, and Tate was soon “arrested” and escorted back to the station.

This circumstance could be distressing for a typical scofflaw pup, but not for Tate. He maintained his cool. then some more.

He blended in really well, according to a Chippewa Falls Police spokesman.

Tate made the choice to hire himself as a greeter at the station while the police looked for his owner.

He hopped up to the guest window and offered himself ready for any work.

The spokeswoman remarked, “I thought it was very humorous. Tate received a lot of pets, despite the fact that he was not given a badge.

The spokesman said, “We all love having the dogs stop by so we can offer them some water, food, and of course some back rubs.”

Even though Tate was eager to join the police, it turned out that it was not meant to be. Not all of the news is bad, though.

“The puppy was returned to his owner,” the police spokeswoman shouted. and tacked on, perhaps with a nod to their former colleague:

The presence of him was great.

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