We’re not detectives up here, but we can spot a pattern when we see one. We’ve previously talked to you about a few dogs whose owners have all prepared bucket lists that allow them to try to do, see, and experience a number of different things in life before they die. These are lists made for dogs who are terminally ill, elderly, or dying. These are lists that are intended to provide these canines with some extremely nice memories as they approach the end of their lives. But do you know what I’m talking about? I don’t believe that bucket lists are as important for pets as they are for their owners. These are people who have misplaced their dogs. They need something positive to happen in their lives to take their minds off it, and this appears to be a good idea; and that we will be great as a result.

Gertie could be a 14-year-old senior dog. She and another dog were abandoned by their owners at a McDonald’s when she was just 12 years old, right in the parking lot. The older dog, who was already fragile and old, had been considered for euthanasia. That’s when a kind lady appeared and took both dogs in.

Gertie isn’t feeling well now that she’s older, and her veterinarian believes it’s time to put her down.Her owner, on the other hand, wants to do something nice for Gertie before she goes away, so she’s on a mission to give her 1,000 hugs before she dies. It’s everything on the dog’s bucket list, and her owner is working really hard to ensure that her dog receives everything she desires.

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