“I saw a Doggie lying while I was driving! But I sensed he was in trouble! I returned.. I returned, and he was just lying in the rain by the highway in a puddle of water!” Said Fahrudin Caki Bravo
He was laying and it was as if he’d given up, as if he said, I can’t take it anymore!..

” I sensed he was in pain I told him: – Can we make a deal? Don’t give up now! I’m here! You don’t bite me (from the pain) and I will help you! Okay?” Said Fahrudin

He was taken to the vet by Fahrudin. We’ll take X-rays so we can see what’s broken! Internal bleeding and injuries are the veterinarian’s main concerns.

He got a name Maddox and he has a chance to be operate. Vets were trying their best for him to save his life, and after further consultations with experts, the spine surgery will be done outside at the big Clinic.

“MADDOX, He’s on his way to the most important battle of his life so far! A surgeon is waiting for him and he will try (spine operation) and he will try to give Maddox a chance”

He was so good and smart as if he knows what’s going on and where they were going together!

He was taken right away to the operating room and prep area. Maddox underwent surgery! He’s presently sleeping after waking up. He snoozes and relaxes.

The first post-operative test will be performed over the next two or three days to see whether he is in “deep pain”! He has a 50% probability of walking with practice if he reacts to “pinching with scissors”

Because of the serious lesion to his spinal cord, Maddox may (the odds are good) never walk again. He has had comparable instances with spinal cords that were similarly affected. But his life keeps going! We’ll see to it that they have a wheelchair.

6 days after the surgery! The prognoses aren’t promising. The vertebra was crushed. The spinal cord was blue instead of grey. The vertebra injury has been bypassed. There is no more pain. He doesn’t have deep pain either which is bad. The estimates are that he will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. But… miracles can happen!

They’ll attempt the impossibility! However, nothing is impossible.

The Maddox is wonderful, sweet, and excellent 16 days later! at least right now. He was able to balance himself on his legs. But for now, it is all. He himself intended to return to his cage after an hour.

You shouldn’t believe in miracles! But, miracles can happen! Vet is optimistic he will walk as he is big fighter.



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