Heroic construction workers team up to save drowning puppy from irrigation canal

As a result of their fast thinking, a group of construction workers in Pasaje Canton, Ecuador have been hailed as heroes for saving a helpless dog from imminent death. After the dog fell into an irrigation canal, the men worked together to save it by using their digger. When the rescue was documented on camera, it quickly went viral online!

A dog had just fallen into the canal, and some of the crew’s coworkers had radioed to warn them that she was being carried towards them by the rapids. They hastened to save the defenseless dog without pausing for contemplation. Abel Murillo, one of the workers, jumped into the bucket of the excavator as his colleague helped him to the ground so he could reach the dog.

The dog bit Murillo’s hand out of fear and confusion, but that didn’t stop the brave builder from saving her. The rest of the crew then hoisted them both back to safety!
The hero recalled that the dog was on the verge of letting go because it was trying to get under the bucket after hitting it with the force of the water. The dog then bit me, although it was a very minor bite, as I grabbed

The crew claimed, “We chose to descend with a bucket to rescue the dog.” “Thank God we got it, we could offer the animal another opportunity to live,” we said.

These brave men saved the life of an innocent person and gave them a second opportunity. However, the construction workers didn’t just save the puppy; they also raised enough cash to take her to the vet so she could be treated.

The crew claimed, “We chose to descend with a bucket to rescue the dog.” We could offer the animal another opportunity at life because we were able to catch it, thank God. It was in poor shape. We collected money and went it to the veterinarian, who injected it.

The dramatic incident was captured on tape, and it quickly went viral online, garnering millions of views and at least as many admiring comments for the employees’ lovely gesture! View the scene right here!

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