Guilty Pitbull Hides Behind Dachshund Brothers When Faced With Chewed Shoes

From the moment this video starts, you can see one particular dog’s shame emanating from him. The grey pitbull MOTO-MOTO is too ashamed to show his face, while his companion observes him with obedience but a sense of guilt for his pal. It was fairly obvious who had chewed up Daniel Martin’s insole.

This owner questions his dogs in a serious tone, but he never appears to be seriously upset. Someone needs to let his bulldog know that he is so ashamed that he is unsure of how to behave. A four-legged friend like that can only be shown love, but remorse still exists when someone did something wrong.

This heartwarming interaction between a pet owner and his animal companions hints at how innocent our young ones really are. Toto-Toto is so guilty that Mister exhibits odd behavior. The way this young Pitbull tries to hide, curling and creeping in an undeniable display of remorse, is, nevertheless, what makes it funniest.

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