The poor stray dog ​​is resting on this family’s balcony and won’t leave

Meet Lila, an Australian Shepherd puppy who was recently discovered relaxing on a porch in La Porte, Texas, a suburb of the Greater Houston Area.

The stray dog, according to the locals, was out and about when she made the decision to find a place to rest. After finding a really comfortable porch with shade, she quickly settled down, put her head on the welcome mat, and took a nap.

She was seen outside by the owners, who then provided her food and drink. She misinterpreted it for an invitation to stay permanently and continued to wait on the porch for assistance.

The puppy kept lying on the porch after hours had gone. The family decided to contact the rescue organization This Is Houston for assistance because they could not let her inside and did not want her to get lost.

On Facebook, the rescue posted a picture of Lila with the caption:

“This dog appeared yesterday in a La Porte resident’s driveway. She refused to leave their porch after being fed by them. They prayed she wouldn’t leave while they searched for assistance because they couldn’t let her inside.

“We have no idea what she was thinking as she peered through the window, but we are grateful that she was able to find a family who would help her. One of our foster parents scooped her up last night and brought her to safety because she couldn’t bear to see her continue to sleep on the porch.

“At only 4-5 months old, she is a tiny baby, and she most certainly has demodex mange. She is blissfully sleeping indoors today, but tomorrow she will visit a veterinarian. We’ll quickly restore this infant’s health.

Kourtney Crenshaw, a rescuer who came at the home to assist the dog, was identified by This Is Houston. Lila appeared ecstatic when she first met Crenshaw.

She was a little wary when I initially arrived, but when she got a chance to scent me, she allowed me to pet her and started licking my face. In an interview with the Dodo, Crenshaw stated, “She wouldn’t go on a leash, so I simply grabbed her up and got her in my car and we proceeded home.

She said, “She must have been prepared for rescue because even though she was terrified, it was quite simple to win her trust and get her to safety.

Soon after, Lila was taken to the veterinarian, who examined her. Her demodex mange, a skin ailment brought on by small parasitic mites, was the cause of her thinning hair and sensitive skin. To make her feel better, she is being treated with antibiotics and medicinal baths.

She eats delicious food and lives in a cozy house. Crenshaw is doing everything in her power to assist Lila in recovering quickly so that she can start hunting for her forever home.

She has adjusted nicely, according to Crenshaw. “She enjoys receiving back and belly rubs, but her greatest pleasure is food. She will be available for adoption once she feels better and has had a chance to decompress a bit, Crenshaw said.

You can submit an application on the This Is Houston website if you’re thinking about adopting Lila.

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