During bushfires, a baby koala is left alone and separated from his mother; a heroic dog then saves him.

There was almost little hope that the tiny infant koala would survive. The way he appears before and after his recuperation makes it clear how much of a physical toll the fires had on him. He now appears to be himself once more.
With bushfires raging over the nation at an alarming rate , Australia and its animal population have received substantial media attention. Koala populations across the nation have suffered severely; the already endangered species is thought to have lost 8,000 of its members and 30% of its natural habitat.

There has been an outpouring of sympathy ever since the fires, which started in New South Wales in September, started, especially for koalas. Koalas that were seen escaping the fires have been rescued by animal hospitals, sanctuaries, and members of the general public.


Every day in Australia, hundreds of employees and volunteers are putting out flames and providing aid to those in their way. The use of detecting dogs, which venture into the path of the fire to locate people or animals that may require assistance, is one of the essential tools in this operation.

A small newborn koala that weighed less than a pound was discovered among the burning remains of its former habitat thanks to the dexterity of a little canine named Keli.

The tiny animal was sent urgently to Koala Hospital Port Macquarie, where it was discovered that he had a serious fungal infection. It’s unclear whether he lost his entire family or was abandoned by his mother as a result of the sickness. The small boy was on his own in either case.

He was fortunate to be alive at 275 grams (9.7 ounces), his weight.
The newborn koala was preserved by the hospital staff, who gave him the name Keli in honor of the rescue dog who discovered him. His fur began to regrow once the fungal illness was treated, and by early January, he weighed 1 kg (2.2 lbs).

He is in good health, and they will continue to take care of him until he weighs 2.5 kg and the weather has dropped down for the fall and winter months, according to a post the hospital posted.

“We just wanted to offer something positive in the midst of all the tragedy in Australia right now. Meet Koala Street Keli, who was discovered on the ground on September 8, 2019, abandoned, in very bad condition, suffering from a fungal infection, and weighing just 275 grams. Look at Keli now; he has gained a huge 1 kg, the fungus is gone, and all of his fur is growing back. Since it’s still early, we won’t get too enthusiastic until he weighs 2.5 kg and is ready to enter the “dehumanizing trees” in preparation for being released back into the wild. Release won’t take place until the cooler months, but thankfully some decent habitat is still present in a few places.

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