A friendly Golden Retriever and a mailman are unlikely besties in a series of videos that are warming our hearts.

Meet Moose, a Golden Retriever from Grand Rapids, Michigan who adores his mailman more than any other breed (is there any other kind?).

It should come as no surprise that Moose was well-known before the mailman scandal because he is so attractive. In fact, the two-year-old dog has over 21k Instagram followers who adore seeing his everyday escapades.

Moose lives with his human parents and a cat named Mosby as members of his human family at the present. However, he is also going to have a human baby sibling, which he appears to be partly aware of.


The most significant event in Moose’s life at the moment, though, is the recent hiring of a new mailman.
Late in January two years ago, Moose’s owner Meghan Gruszynski shared a video showcasing their endearing bond. The two reportedly follow a regular ritual in which Moose anxiously awaits the mailman to approach the walk.


Moose does a quick welcoming jump and sniffs around his feet while excitedly wagging his tail to make sure it’s truly him.

The mailman showers Moose with affection, perhaps telling him what a fine kid he is as they lock eyes.

A genuine bromance is developing. It’s obvious that both Moose and the mailman are delighted to see each other.

The mailman can’t exactly take his time because our postal service employees have a lot of work to perform and a lot of homes to visit each day.

But before setting the dog’s paws back on the ground and returning to work, he makes sure it’s a happy reunion and that Moose understands how special he is.
Naturally, Moose could continue doing this all day long, but Moose is unemployed.

Gruszynski realized she needed to capture some of their daily greetings as soon as she became aware of the new acquaintance.

It was cute, she said to The Dodo. I adored how much he adored our son and how much Moose adored greeting him.

Additionally, he takes care not to let Moose to jump excessively (though the dog can hardly contain himself with he sees his pal).

He mostly petted him on the ground and gave him gentle shoulder rubs.

The mailman is obviously a dog lover, and Moose’s mother gradually understood why he was so delighted to see the adorable pup every day.
Gruszynski added, “I’ve learned that our mailman’s dog recently passed away. Every time Moose goes out on his route, “he likes how much affection Moose provides him.”

Speaking of love, Moose received some gifts from his best friend on a special Valentine’s Day visit! That will undoubtedly make any bond with a dog sweeter!

The mailman has been gracious enough to greet everyone watching now that each of their films has received upwards of 50k views and Moose’s mother is able to record them around once a week.

He appeared in a special video greeting Moose’s supporters and said “thank you for all the love” while carrying a number of signs.

We adore this combination with all of our hearts!

Moose’s mother claimed that the dog would attempt to greet substitute postal carriers as well, but that they tended to ignore him (which is fair).

There doesn’t seem to be much preventing Moose and his favorite mailman from becoming pals.

It should be enjoyable to see their love, Moose’s mother informed us, since he will remain our mailman until he retires.


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