Dog Leads Dad To Kitten On Street And Insists On Taking Her Home

Dog Leads Dad To Kitten On Street And Insists On Taking Her Home – News

Zach Hearn felt his family was complete, but Tang and Cream, his two dogs, had other ideas. Earlier last month, while out for a stroll, the dogs came across a small animal whimpering for help and ran to its aid. “Tang and Cream came to a halt and looked perplexed,” Hearn said to The Dodo.
“You could hear a meow from a short distance away, so both of you ran up to check.”
Hearn couldn’t see where the noise was coming from, but the two dogs did find a tiny kitten laying in the center of the roadway, perhaps 3 to 4 weeks old.
The small kitten was filthy and underweight, and there was no sign of its mother.

Hearn was scared that his golden retriever and King Charles cavalier would chase the cat away, but the pups had other ideas.

Hearn was shocked when both dogs started comforting the scared little calico. “Tang started whimpering and laid down next to her,” Hearn said. “Cream started licking her and cleaning her.”

Dog finds tiny kitten on the road

Hearn felt he couldn’t leave the kitten alone on the road, so he picked her up and carried her home, where he and his partner provided her a warm place to sleep as well as a wash and food. The kitten had clearly been on her own for some time, but she quickly regained her strength.

Dogs find abandoned kitten on the street

“We named the kitten (Tou Jiang), which means jackpot,” Hearn explained. “She didn’t have much energy at first, and she slept a lot. She perked up after being fed on a regular basis and given a warm place to sleep.”

The dogs fell in love with Tou Jiang the instant they saw him. The dogs never leave her side and are always ready to provide her with anything she requires, whether it’s comfort, cuddling, a tongue bath, or some playtime.

When it comes to nurturing the kitten, each dog has their own distinct “parenting” technique.

“Tang is more of a laid-back, laid-back mom,” Hearn explained. “Tang just lays there as the cat climbs on her and plays with her tail.” If the kitten is going to do anything, she will step in.”

He went on to say, “Cream is completely different.” “She hovers more and is usually near her, playing with her and licking her clean like her actual mother would.” They’re quite excellent about taking turns, but unless she’s put in her bed to sleep, they’re always monitoring her.”

It took some getting used to having a kitten in the house, but the joy and affection that Tou Jiang offers to her adopted canine parents is priceless.

“Raising a kitten is not the same as raising a puppy,” Hearn explained. “The constant need for food and restroom breaks can be stressful, but it’s all worth it.” She spends the entire day with the dogs, and we have a home camera to keep an eye on them while we’re at work. The dogs are continuously keeping an eye on her and following her around.”

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