Man saves wild horse with chained legs then animal gives kiss to savior

A YouTube video of a horse rubbing his nose on Rosu’s shortly after the vet removed metal chains preventing another horse from moving shows the horse doing so.

When the veterinarian with Four Paws International came across a wild horse who was unable to walk because of the mental shackles attached to his legs, he immediately took action.

Source: YouTube/Four Paws International

Rosu made a cautious, non-threatening approach to the horse to convey that he was there to assist the rider and that he didn’t intend to hurt the animal.

Rosu was able to finish the job once the horse had quit fending off the chains. The horse’s front legs were chained together, but the vet cut the chains.


One more horse observed Rosu’s actions. The second horse in Rosu’s herd approached him and pressed his nose to Rosu’s in pure appreciation after Rosu had successfully liberated the chained-up horse.

Rosu needed to win the horse’s trust in order to be able to assist it. The animal attempted to flee when it noticed the veterinarian approaching since it mistrusted humans.

Source: YouTube/Four Paws International

Rosu was overjoyed despite not anticipating such a kind act. His coworker recorded the charming scene on tape.

More than 10 million people have watched the video since it was posted on February 17, 2016, by Four Paws International.
Four Paws International has long supported the Romanian Danube Delta’s wild horses. Instead of using the shooting of wild horses as a population control measure, they gave mares contraception to lower birth rates.

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