Adorable bear cub is captured on hidden camera taking a bath with a toy bear he found.

Since Tamarack the orphaned cub ran away from the wildlife center where he was being cared for after being rescued from a Northern California wildfire zone, Toogee Sielsch has been keeping a careful check on him.

Tamarack needed care because the flames burned his paws. Luckily, he was brought into a facility for the care of wildlife.

Tamarack needed to live as a free bear because he was one.

He left the building in order to return to the woods, where he belongs.
This tiny cub practically tunneled beneath an electric fence to get out of its prison.

That is how badly he desired freedom. With trail cameras positioned across the forest close to his home, Sielsch sees Tamarack in passing.

Video evidence indicates that the little bear is thriving on his own.
More than fine, in fact. He has toys in addition to being able to survive out there by himself and providing for his fundamental needs.

Tamarack was even observed by Sielsch bathing in a sizable puddle with a companion.

That companion was a bear toy figurine.

Also, nobody is aware of the origin of the tiny toy bear. As his small bear bobs up and down out of the water, Tamarack jumps into the puddle with his dirty claws sticking out and grabs hold of it. This undoubtedly made Sielsch feel warm within.

In an interview with The Dodo, Sielsch said, “I thought how it was nearly a great depiction of the playfulness of not only juvenile black bears, but of all of them.

After all he had been through, Sielsch was ecstatic to learn that Tamarack was now living his best life.

“Watching his progress against all odds as an orphaned and recovering cub of the year, now yearling, makes my heart very glad,” Sielsch added. It demonstrates the resilience of wildlife in the face of adversity.

It seems that if the circumstances are appropriate, cubs can live in the wild on their own.

According to John Beecham, leaving a cub in the wild is a possibility for many cubs that are old enough to live on their own and have enough fat reserves. Black bear cubs in the United States have survived as early as 5 to 7 months old. According to data gathered from research on bears that have been released, older and larger cubs have higher survival rates.

The video makes it abundantly evident that Tamarack is not just surviving but also thriving. His bathtime play was captured on camera and uploaded on YouTube, where it received thousands of views. The Dodo also ran a story on it.

“This is so cute! Only the bubble bath remained to be added. One reader gushed, “Loved how when he dropped it he hurried real fast and caught it & was like you all alright buddy.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen… Do you believe the bear is aware of the toys’ resemblances or do you think it is just a coincidence? another said.

You can watch the video of the adorable interaction on YouTube.


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