Nobody wanted this dog, until they take a closer look

Currently living the happily ever after, a Chihuahua who was abandoned by the side of a major road because someone believed she was too “old and ugly” to love!

When Sweet Fae, a Chihuahua mix, needed her people the most, they abandoned her. The elderly dog was discovered resting along a Californian freeway.

She had sores all over her body, was hungry, dehydrated, and afraid. A bulging jaw was the result of an untreated dental condition. The cost of treating it might be very high because it is a dangerous condition. Moreover, it alters the contour of a dog’s face, giving it an uneven or “crooked” appearance.

Regrettably, employees at the At-Choo Foundation in Los Angeles frequently see situations like these. According to them, older dogs like Fae are cruelly discarded by owners because they are “too old and unattractive.” Heartless. cruel to the core.

This situation is not unusual. Older dogs with severe health conditions that have altered their look are abundant in rescue shelters. Some people treat pets as accessories or toys. They only show interest in them when they are adorable and simple to care for. They have no business being dog parents.

The dog lovers at the At-Choo Foundation made the difficult decision to go above and beyond to find Fae a loving home. After raising the money through crowdsourcing to pay for Fae’s expensive dental work, they gave her all the love she needed for a few weeks.

Ends from fairy tales are real!
Then Fae was offered for adoption. People who are looking for furry companions typically overlook senior dogs, but Fae found her ideal dog-dad within a few days.

After Fae left for her forever home, the shelter posted, “Fae is doing what she was meant to do.” By distributing the love and healing she has received, she is making other people feel loved. Her life has become a fairy tale since she was discovered on a Los Angeles freeway.”

Fae, have fun in your happily ever after; you deserve it!

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