Unwanted Dog Dumped At Park Gets Adopted By The Cop That Rescued Her

Abandoned by her owner because she “didn’t want anything to do with her”, this adorable dog was saved by the sheriff himself, who tried to help her find her way home.
His sweet rescue story began when a good Samaritan discovered an injured pit bull and boxer sitting alone in a park in Bloomington, Indiana. Fearing for the dog’s health and safety, concerned residents called the local sheriff.

Sheriff Jeff Ripley was dispatched to the scene and his heart went out to the lost dog.
He called his fiancee, Rosie Ahlberg, a volunteer with the City of Bloomington Animal Control and Protection.
Knowing the shelter was closed for the day, Jeff and Rosie loaded up the scared dog and took him home for the night. In the morning they took Daisy the dog to the vet.
At the vet, it was discovered that Daisy’s injuries were serious enough to require surgery and that she was also suffering from emotional trauma. By then, Jeff and Rosie had found Daisy’s owner, who told them they wanted nothing to do with the dog.
The couple, who already had two cats and a rescue dog, decided to adopt Daisy. Not only did they provide the abandoned dog with the medical care she needed, but they also provided her with a safe and loving home.
After settling down, Daisy began to adapt to her new life and enjoy the love her new family gave her. She still needs medical care in the future, but in the loving arms of her new parents, the adorable dog’s life looks promising.

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