Foster Mom Takes Cute Maternity Photos Of Her Dog In Her Final Weeks Of Pregnancy

One’s life can be changed and perhaps saved by love and kindness. It occurs in both human and animal populations. When we are constantly looking for assistance, nothing is better than discovering our angels.


In this tale, Lily Mae, a pregnant rescue dog, serves as an illustration. The lovely golden retriever continued to romp around the park without a collar since she got lost. Thankfully, she was found and brought home by a kind-hearted man.

While out for a stroll at a Little Rock, Arkansas park, Ryan Fant spotted Lily Mae. He went over to the dog and they began to play. Fant made the decision to take in the lost puppy after observing her following him home.

He gave the dog the name Lily Mae. He spent a month trying to find her owner but was unsuccessful. So he took the choice to adopt Lily, making her a permanent member of his family.

Fant immediately saw, however, that Lily’s stomach was expanding. When he took her to the veterinarian right away, he learned that Lily was pregnant.

Fant asked his friend Caitie Evers to foster Lily because he had no idea how to care for a pregnant dog. Evers can support the pregnant dog during this challenging period because she has years of expertise caring for new canine moms and their puppies.


When Evers first saw Lily, he was taken aback. The dog had a large tummy. The foster mother made a special treat to commemorate Lily’s pregnancy. She performed a pregnancy shot on the canine. Lily was a rescue dog, she also realized.

Evers told The Dodo, “She acts completely natural and makes me anxious with her running and jumping. She is the sweetest thing ever. She is a stage 5 clinger who loves to spend every moment in my lap.

Regarding her pregnancy photo session, Lily was eager. She had a great time at the session. She cherished receiving special hugs from her foster mother and being the focus of attention.

Evers claimed that Lily Mae “was born to model.” “It only took like 30 minutes total, and she loved it!”

Lily gave birth to eight gorgeous puppies, seven boys and one girl, just two days after the maternity shoot. Now that the mother and the babies are all well and happy.

At roughly a pound each, they are already “chunky babies,” Evers remarked. They are in excellent health and are very active. Mom gives them hugs and shows her love for them, but she also knows I can take care of them all. She lets me switch up their bedding, but if I take too long, she starts doing it herself.

Currently, Lily and her puppies are being nurtured by their foster mother. The Houston-based rescue organization Chip N Snip will assist in placing the puppies in new homes once they are ready for adoption. And Lily will be returned to Arkansas to see her father.


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