Hero Dog Saves Boy With Autism From Floodwaters

A dog is being hailed as a hero after saving a youngster who was submerged in Tennessee floodwaters.

During the devastating flash flooding that struck Waverly, Tennessee in 2021, the dog Cooper went lost.

He was described as having been “found” in a post on the Facebook page for Concerned Citizens of Humphreys County.

Cooper was rescued by a rescue boat, according to the comments on that page. Along with him, a youngster with autism was also fished out of the water.

According to reports, Cooper came swimming down the creek and encouraged the youngster to hold on to him as the boy was “hanging onto a pole” and submerged in the floodwaters. The dog saved the youngster’s life, according to the boy, who clung to him until the boaters noticed them.

While his owners were being searched, Cooper was transferred to the Waverly Animal Clinic, and thanks to the Facebook post, his mother quickly located him.

He’s ours!!!,” Caitlyn Rochelle wrote in a comment on the article. That’s our Cooper, y’all.

She admitted as much in a Daily Mail interview, “It made me cry. It was expected that he would go after the other person after noticing his discomfort.

She explained to Daily Mail that Cooper had been “swept away” during the flash flood. A tree had crashed through their roof and their home filled with water.

While their family “lost everything” in the flood, Rochelle is just thankful that Cooper not only survived but helped save someone in the process.


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