Starving and Abandoned, Dog With Bright Blue Eyes Freed from Chain

Stray rescue of St.Louis

Break the shackles. When Donna with Stray Rescue of St. Louis arrived to release a malnourished and abandoned dog, a worried neighbor yelled at her.

The dog was attached to a house by a long, hefty chain and had astonishing crystal blue eyes. His ribs were sticking out from under his skin, showing that he hadn’t eaten in a while.

Stray rescue of St.Louis

Cobalt, the dog they named, was overjoyed to see them. He leapt up on them, wagged his tail, and gobbled up the sausages they had thrown down for him.

In an effort to break the chain, Donna took out bolt-cutters and exerted all of her muscle. The neighbor shouted, “Break the chains,” and she pushed even harder. The chain finally gave way. The neighbor remarked, “You got him free,” sounding happy.

Cobalt tore up the dog food bag in the back of Donna’s truck because he was so hungry! Donna promises that “He will NEVER EVER be left behind again.”





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