A Courageous Man Saves a Little Foal Stuck in the Middle of the Road

A baby horse in the middle of the road is the last thing you expect to see when driving on a country highway with your pals. Fortunately, a 2015 video reveals how the man who spotted this small foal in the distance chose to stop and investigate. A few minutes later, he was assisting the child in reuniting with its mother.

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In the distance, a small foal can be seen running along the road. As the man’s truck approaches, it goes right up to it, seemingly terrified. It cries out briefly before scurrying back to a guardrail alongside the highway. It didn’t take long for the group to understand that this baby had escaped over the railing and was unable to return to its mother. Even if the mother had jumped over the barrier to reach her foal, the infant was too little to follow.

The mother was rushing alongside the barrier, clearly concerned that she wouldn’t be able to reach her baby. That’s when the dude decided to pitch in and assist. The baby was terrified and refused to stand still long enough for the father to assist it. Who can blame it for being nervous? Who knows how long it had been on the run, trying to find its way back to its mother? The man tried multiple times to approach the foal, but it was scared and tried to flee. He was eventually able to halt the foal, and the man is seen kneeling down, scooping it up, and gently placing it over the guardrail.

Meanwhile, the worried mother doesn’t take her gaze away from her child. Once over the barrier, the foal and its mother dash back to their herd, relieved to be reunited.

This man’s excellent deed is not forgotten. After the rescue, you can hear friends congratulate the man on a job well done. The situation may have been disastrous if this man had not intervened to assist the foal and its mother. Thankfully, this man stopped, assessed the situation, and offered assistance.




































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