Pregnant stray dog completely melts when realizes she’s being adopted

This is the emotional moment, when a sad stray dog understands that people can also be compassionate. The dog, who was very pregnant, was exploring the streets looking for food when she came across a couple eating lunch on the side of the road. The stray pittie had simply hoped for some leftovers, but instead she was adopted, and the experience was too much for her.

Jacks Anderson and her wife first noticed the black pit bull mix while stopping to buy lunch from a street vendor!

“She never took her eyes off us, but she didn’t come close or beg for food,” Anderson told The Dodo. “The stand’s owners came out and shooed her along the sidewalk. She had obviously fled because she was terrified.”

When the couple was driving back home, they discovered the dog was pregnant. So they stopped and gave her something to eat. But Anderson’s wife felt so sorry for the defenseless puppy that she tried to pet her and feed her food, trying to gain her trust this way.

But they both realized they couldn’t leave her there, so they loaded the dog into their car. The dog became so emotional that she cried for delight when she learned she was safe and receiving comfort from a stranger. Anderson captured the touching scene on camera!

“We just kind of paused at that moment to allow Poppy (how they eventually named the dog) to calm a bit, but honestly, she was far more calm than I anticipated,” the man went on to say. “I started recording the video of my wife comforting her when I noticed Poppy had tears in her eyes.” I’ve never seen that in a dog before, and it definitely made an impression.”

The two very nice people, then took the dog to the vet. Even though she had some fleas, her condition was very good. So Anderson and his wife decided to foster Poppy for a few days, until they find someone to adopt her. But these days were enough for them to completely fall in love with Poppy and keep her.

“Poppy is the kind of dog who loves to be loved,” Anderson said. “Poppy will stay with us. We’re learning more about her all the time and building trust with he. We’re basically massive foster failures, but there are worse things in life to be!”















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