One of the greatest things in life is seeing kind people do their best to save an animal in need. That’s exactly what an officer did to save a poor dog, who got lost in snowstorm! That dog got stranded during the heavy snow, that fell, after running away from home.

Source: Facebook/Ogden Police UT

A call came to Officer Dickman, who directly went to the Bonneville Shortline Trail hiking to save the dog. Fortunately, she was able to find the dog before it was too late. ASO Dickman said that the dog was shocked due to the incident.

According to reports, the dog was quite upset following the ordeal. Nonetheless, Dickman scanned the dog and successfully reunited it with its owners, who expressed immense gratitude. The department commended the officer for exceeding expectations and ensuring the safe return of the distressed dog to its home.

“We extend our gratitude to ASO Dickman for her unwavering commitment to the Ogden Community,” wrote the Ogden Police Department.

Thank you to this animal service officer for braving the heavy snow and rescuing this poor dog! So glad it is safe, warm and back with its family now!

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