Teeny dog gets saved, and now she can’t stop smiling at everyone.

Every dog is a gift from above, but there’s one in particular who exudes personality: Smile.

This tiny rescue dog has a moniker that aptly describes her ever-present joyful grin.


But beneath that grin is a story of hardship.
Smile, born in the chaos of a hoarding situation in Tijuana, Mexico, ached for the warmth of a loving touch for many years.

However, when she was finally rescued by No Dog Left Behind (NDLB), her excitement was obvious.

She greeted her saviors with a bright smile, as if she had known them long.
Stephanie Easley, operations manager at NDLB, gushed to The Dodo: “She made the intake team fall madly in love.”

Smile has been through a lot.
Smile was one of 24 canines saved by the At-Choo Foundation in California before her life improved due to NDLB.

Each of these dogs has scars from a painful skin condition (Smile’s wasn’t as bad).

The tiny dog’s tenacity shone through.

When her story reached NDLB in Minnesota, they felt an immediate connection.
The group made a Facebook post explaining:

“We heard her story, saw her photos, and fell in love with the hope in her eyes.” Smile was destined for our rescue.”

Smile’s transition from California to Minnesota was not simple.
She set out on her quest, aided by Mutt Mutt Engine, with hesitation and anxiety.

However, once she felt protected and secure, her trust started to grow.

“Once she was out of the van and not in a position of feeling backed into a corner, she was much better,” Easley said in an interview with The Dodo. “She curled up in a ball and laid there, just watching the volunteers work.”

Even though her skin condition needed isolation, the crew continued to love her.
And smile? She replied with her signature grin.

How can you not fall head over heals when you see such a gorgeous smile?

Easley became Smile’s foster mother after recognizing her need for a nurturing atmosphere.
Their attachment grew stronger with each day, and there were plenty of smiles from both the puppy and her foster mom.
“The true affection in her eyes is what makes her the most unique dog I’ve ever met. “They’re expressive; you can tell what she’s thinking or feeling just by looking at them.”

While Easley appreciates their friendship, she believed Smile needed a forever home designed specifically for her.
Smile’s charming aura drew in families looking to adopt, and after she healed, her desire came true.
Today, she lives her best life in a loving permanent home. And sure, she is still smiling!

Watch the video below for a closer look at this cute joyful dog!

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