Golden Retriever Shocked By A Kitten Occupying His Bed

Golden Retriever Shocked By A Kitten Occupying His Bed – Dog Dispatch

Bailey, a gorgeous golden retriever, just wants to relax on his nice fluffy bed, but he can’t because there’s an intruder!

It’s time for Bailey to take a sleep, so he retires to his plush bed. Instead of sleeping, he’s startled to discover a tabby kitten curled up in the middle of it. Bailey takes the kitten a short sniff before giving him a look that says, “What is this doing on my bed?!!”

“This is my bed,” Bailey adds, “maybe circling around and barking at it will make it go away?” Nope, it’s not going to work.

Thankfully, there are several ways to get a kitten out of a dog bed, one of which is to slide it out. But Bailey rapidly realizes that this isn’t the case…

Bailey then tries to roll the kitten into a burrito and taco, maybe inspired by Mexican cuisine, but both attempts fail. When the dog bed is folded over him, the beautiful cat doesn’t even move. It does appear to be extremely cozy.

Bailey pauses for a moment to consider the problem at hand. He appears to be ready to share for a moment, until he headbutts kitten, who doesn’t seem to comprehend he’s not welcome on that bed. Bailey barks at him, “Please leave, kitten.”

Bailey is now delightfully agitated, flopping around the bed’s border, while the cat looks on, puzzled, as if to say, “what’s wrong with you, ’tis pleasant in here…you should try it someday.”

Bailey gives up and curls up next to the bed, where the cute kitten quickly joins him, playing in his silky fur. Bailey appears to have a nap buddy, whether he likes it or not.

They’re both lovely, but who can blame that adorable kitten for taking the nice dog bed? Please feel free to share the joy with your loved ones.

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