Woman Rushes To Save Dog After Seeing Video Of Him Being Abandoned At Busy Intersection.

A distressing video went viral, depicting a small, desperate dog in a harrowing pursuit of the car it had just been ejected from.

Destiny Gomez’s heart broke and she couldn’t stop crying when she saw the video on Instagram of the dog trying desperately to get back into the vehicle after he was cruelly thrown out. The video was taken by a food delivery driver who witnessed the dog getting pushed out of a car window at an intersection in Long Beach. The dog is seen chasing after the black Lexus with no license plates as it drives away.

Destiny, who has dogs of her own, knew she had to help the dog before he got hit by a car or worse. She reached out to the person who took the video and went to the neighborhood with her boyfriend to search for the dog. They drove around for hours looking for him but couldn’t find him. But with some help from people on social media they found the bull terrier mix around 24 hours after he had been abandoned.


Destiny took the dog, now named Chico, to a groomer friend and with her network of dog lovers she found him a foster family a few hours later. Chico is doing really well and has a lot of people interested in adopting him. Destiny figures that Chico will find a forever home very soon.

Thankfully Chico’s story has a happy ending.



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