Great Dane Adopts Orphaned Pawn – Their Story Inspired A Children’s Book

So many acts of kindness and unlikely partnerships between dogs and animals of various species have been experienced. When it comes to helping those in need, they’re such selfless people. Nonetheless, this tale outperforms them all. Meet Kate and Pippin, whose unique relationship inspired a children’s novel.

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Years ago, Isobel Springett, a photographer from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, discovered an orphaned pawn and started an inspiring friendship. The caring woman brought the poor creature home and cared for her. The tiny deer and Isabel’s dog, an adorable Great Dane, behaved as though they were made for each other the moment Isabel introduced them.

“It was difficult to overlook the tiny fawn roaming outside our home, searching for its mother and crying,” the woman said. “We brought it into the home, and our dog Kate was sleeping in her bed, so we put the fawn next to her for warmth. The two were closer over the next few days.”

An orphaned animal’s life is far from simple. Particularly when they must adjust to a completely new and unfamiliar environment. But Isabel surrounded Pippin, the adorable little pawn, with affection and kindness. She also found solace in Kate’s gentleness, which helped her move on.

They have a one-of-a-kind relationship that only comes naturally to them. They enjoy playing together and even take naps together when they have the opportunity! Their bond is stronger than we could ever imagine.

And years later, the cute couple remained inseparable. “They played in our front garden for hours. Pip and Kate continued to play together even after Pip had matured into a mature doe. “They’re both best friends,” Isabel said.

In reality, Kate and Pippin’s unexpected love story was so unique that it inspired a novel. The book ‘Kate & Pippin: An Unlikely Love Tale,’ written by Isabel’s brother Martin Springett, reveals their sweet story. “The fawn lay motionless and silent. As she awaited her mother’s return, she felt alone and scared… the book’s first lines read.

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