Stray Puppy With A Born Squint Is Given A Second Chance For A Happy Life

Stray Puppy With A Born Squint Is Given A Second Chance For A Happy Life

No one is without flaws. We must cope with our flaws, whether they be physical or emotional. Happiness will smile on you if you are strong and brave and have a nice heart. Faith, the sweet stray puppy featured in today’s article, is an excellent example. The tiny girl was born with a permanent squint, but she was fortunate enough to be given a second chance at happiness.

Faith was discovered on a porch in Antigua in a cardboard box. The veterinarian who first noticed the puppy recognized her as unique. Her squint was permanent, and her brow was furrowed. These, on the other hand, warmed the man’s heart.
The local rescue Dogs and Cats of Antigua was summoned by the veterinarian to assist the stray dog.
They picked her and gave her the name Faith.
They also provided her with necessary medical care and assisted her in finding a new home.

“Normally, a dog with specific requirements like Faith would be euthanized on the islands. Faith’s foster mother, Kate Venezia, stated, “There are few adopters and no money for care.”

When Faith arrived at Venezia’s house, she astounded her foster mother. The puppy was a natural at getting around the house. She seemed unconcerned with her impairment and didn’t feel sad or self-conscious about it. She rapidly adjusted to her new surroundings and learned how to navigate the house.

“She was fearless, yet she figured out where she was going by sniffing and stumbling into things.” Venezia kept going.

The cute puppy understood how to use her ears and nose to find her way about her house. She could always make her way to her favorite spot, which happened to be directly on top of her foster mother’s foot.

Faith’s rescue shared her gorgeous picture on Facebook when she was ready to find a forever home. Many individuals saw the puppy and submitted an adoption application.

I hope Faith may find a home with a family who will truly love and care for her. Every dog is a nice dog, and they all deserve a happy home.

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