Longest resident goes to sleep with a smile upon finding family

Poor Petey spent more than a year confined to the refuge.
Petey generally has a smile on his face at all times, regardless of what is happening in his environment.

There is nothing that can bring Petey’s spirit down, despite the challenges he has faced.

Petey was having a nice time even after being kicked out of the small, overcrowded shelter where he had spent a considerable amount of time.

Petey’s potential adopters weren’t ready, so the shelter staff contacted SPCA of Wake County to see if they might assist in finding Petey a home.

It’s difficult to imagine that anyone wouldn’t want to bring this guy home given how adorable his eye-patch looks.

Petey was gladly accepted by the SPCA. Petey also looked forward to meeting some new folks.

As soon as he arrived, according to Samantha Ranlet, a spokeswoman for the SPCA of Wake County, “he was yanking on the leash wanting to go through the entrance.” “He ran into the structure.”

They found it difficult to comprehend how a dog as adorable as Petey could be overlooked.

He was really playful and friendly right away, according to Ranlet. “We couldn’t believe no one was interested in him.”

A picture of Petey along with his adoption status was quickly shared on social media by the SPCA of Wake County.
They were worried that he may once more be passed over in favor of the smaller dogs.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the situation. In a matter of weeks, Petey found his forever family.

He hardly spent a month there.
Petey’s new family fell in love after just one glance at his adorable face in a photo.

Petey settled in to his new house right away.

He enjoys sleeping on his own comfy bed.
He enjoys lounging in his backyard and playing fetch with his family. Petey is a soft-hearted boy who enjoys kissing others.

Even better, he has a canine sibling and dozens of other canine companions from the dog park.
“He’s the ideal complement. Because he is so adored, Petey is opening up to us and displaying his lovely personality. His new family expressed their happiness at having him.

Many canines, according to the SPCA of Wake County, wind up spending a lot of time like Petey in shelters.

Currently in their care are eight to ten canines who have been looking for a home for more than a year.
Ranlet added, “We’re cheering for them to discover their people. They merit that, I say.

Black dogs like Labrador Retrievers, Shepherds, and Rottweilers frequently spend longer time in shelters.

This is due to the unfavorable stigma that black canines have due to how they are portrayed in the media.
Additionally, they may be viewed as threatening, unpleasant, or unattractive in photographs. Senior pets, pit bull breeds, and bigger dogs all have a tougher difficulty finding homes.


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