Sweet Dog Takes Care Of Rescue Kittens Until They Find Forever Homes

Sweet Dog Takes Care Of Rescue Kittens Until They Find Forever Homes

Cats and dogs are thought to be enemies that can’t get along. However, they can become great friends and create powerful ties that turn us green with envy in some circumstances.

Meet Raylan, the adorable dog who became an internet celebrity after his owner posted a video of him caring for kittens. The video rapidly went viral due to Raylan’s lovely and endearing bonding with the kittens.

“I’m not sure how he hasn’t gone viral yet! We’ve been doing this for years, and he’s incredible,” the proprietor stated.

Raylan’s owner claims that he fosters kittens that have lost their mothers or have been abandoned by their owners. He looks after them until they can find a permanent home. He is clearly a loving and friendly dog.

“Raylan is a very intelligent dog who is eager to please and willing to try new things. When we brought our first foster kitten (Watson) home 6 years ago, Raylan was already 3 years old, I discovered he enjoyed cats. He wanted to play with him right away and was extremely kind and patient. Watson is now our next-door neighbor, and the two socialize frequently,” the proprietor told Bored Panda.

Raylan has cared for approximately 60 kittens in his 9 years on this planet. He has almost 20.000 followers on his  Instagram feed, where people can follow his everyday life and see pictures of his young kittens.

“Raylan was rescued from a high-kill shelter where he was slated for euthanasia. Nobody wanted him because he was too energetic and untrained – but plainly no one had attempted to train him,” Raylan’s owners explained how they acquired him.

“When the kittens depart, he’s typically ready for a rest and never appears unhappy afterwards, but if I don’t receive new kittens after a few weeks of alone time, he starts to become melancholy – and when new kittens arrive, he’s always very joyful and delighted. His favorite day is when a new kitten is born!”

There are many animals in need around the world, but fortunately, canines like Raylan and humans like Raylan’s owner exist. These people will assist them in finding suitable homes for the stray animals.

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