Neglected Great Pyrenees Puppy with Deformed Paw Gets a Second Chance

When PetPromise Inc. arranged to pick up ten-week-old Casper, he was in a poor circumstance in a “backwater section of Kentucky.” “There was something wrong with his foot – he was missing some toes,” the rescue was told when they were approached about the excellent Pyrenees puppy.

They arranged transportation and a foster group, and Casper (and his sister, Rowan) were soon on their way to help, but they had to be hurried to the vet right away.

On their Facebook page, PetPromise wrote:

One of our awesome volunteers drove right down to Cincinnati to satisfy the transport and devour Casper, and his sister Rowan. Upon arrival at her house she noticed they were completely infested with ticks – we’re talking from head to toe, in their ears, embedded under their skin, between their toes- everywhere! She rushed them both straight to our friends at Rascal Animal Hospital where the vets immediately visited work on them. They were treated for the ticks, vaccinated, and given a full exam. Poor Rowan was so infested she had to be completely shaved down!”

“While they were there, we had them take x-rays of Casper’s foot to figure out what the problem was,” the rescue stated. What they discovered astounded them. He was born with a malformed paw, fully distorted toes, and stress fractures in his leg as a result of his inability to support himself.”

Pet Promise, Inc

Casper’s alternatives were to have his leg amputated (which isn’t ideal for a dog that would eventually weigh about 120 pounds) or have surgery on his foot to remove the toes and fit him with a prosthetic foot. Although prosthesis is the more time-consuming and expensive choice, it provides him with the best chances for a long and happy life, so it was chosen by the rescue.

Rowan has since been adopted by one among the staff members at Rascal Animal Hospital. As for Casper?

Pet Promise, Inc

Casper is tick-free now and spending time with his family, according to PetPromise: “He adores other dogs, his foster kitty siblings, and all of the people he gets to please.” He and his sister were first very bashful because they were born and left outside where they came from. He has absolutely blossomed and is available out of his shell in the month he has been with us! He’s loving, sweet, and just a stunning , giant happy boy!”

During his stay in care , Rascal Charities helped obtain a leg prosthesis for Casper.

The prosthetic limb aids him in walking and getting around.

Casper received his forever home not long after his foster stay and has since become the rescue’s spokesdog, appearing at many of their events.

Pet Promise, Inc

To make a donation or learn more about the items Rascal Charities does for animals in Ohio, please visit their website. If anyone is curious about helping other dogs like Casper please contact PetPromise Inc..

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